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Features and Functions of the Owners Portal


The first page is called the home page (of the Owners Portal)  and is where you land after you sign-in from the landing site.

The Owners Portal is private for members of this group. The group consists of AR1900 Owners and Honorary Owners (who do not own an AR1900)

To access the portal and the owners website you must be registered and have a user name (an email address)  and a password

 The website consists of several functions as shown on the red menu bar on the home page each tab having a drop down list with links to  sections of the website.
 These are
1.     Directory
Lists members of the group and facilitates making  contact with another member by email
2.     Market Place
A buy and sell function for cars and parts and discussion by  members of the group
3.     Photos

You can upload pictures of your car,  parts or whatever you wish
4.     Contact Us
Facilitates sending email messages to the director  and manager   Joost Gompels.. He