This website is produced for the benefit and enjoyment of owners and admirers of Alfa Romeo automobiles of the 1900 Series built in Milan from 1950 to 1959. The purpose includes the cultivation of an accurate register of survivors and provision of a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information. Publication of The Mostly 1900 Irregular Newsletter and the Bollettino were associated activities but both are moribund at present due to other media such as the AR1900 Companion site.

Members, readers, cognisanti, car-guys, viewers, voyeurs, visitors, site-surfers, sightseers,  gawkers, the curious and any others are invited to make their views known. Participation makes us what we are to be. We want to be better but that is hard without your help.

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   Readers are encouraged to visit the Companion site (click on the alfa1900) to view news and pictures concerning 1900s and related matters of interest to their owners (and visitors). Why not let us have your input from time to time which we suggest you keep mainly 1900-ish related.  Bob Schnittger is the webmaster and its mastermind. Check whether your car is in the stunning photobase and if not contact us immediately.

David Sydorick's award winning 1956 1900SSZ  





T-IV 10316 of Nino Manzoni from
Brembate Sopra, Lombardia

        Robbie Webb's CSS *01713 * Touring # 4129 

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  A recent auction highlights the need to be vigilant about possibly-fake Zagatos. This article, on the Tech tab, may help sort things out.
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ALFA 1900

   A list of most 1900 paint codes, in Italian and English, is now available to Members on the Tech page. It is a PDF file.
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   A PDF document containing a factory manual on selecting and tuning Solex carbs, which we stumbled across, can be accessed from the Tech tab on the menu bar. 
Interestingly, it was published by Stanley "Wacky" Arnolt.
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This website will be undergoing changes and improvements. During this period features will be
limited. The Membership Directory will be rnaintained. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated as we reconstruct the website.   
A survey that was conducted earlier in the year, and to which many regulars responded, has provided us with encouragement to continue the website and valuable guidance as to what changes are needed. But new ideas are always welcome. Any inconvenience caused is regretted but it became necessary to change the aged 10 year platform that was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and functionality that needed updating.
In order to maintain the new website, the membership directory and the Register we are going
to need help. Ideally it would be an English speaking younger person, most of whom are
computer savvy, interested in cars, preferably Alfa's, possibly a student looking for some extra
income. It would be ideal to have someone in Savannah GA, Mason OH, or Billingshurst Sussex
but otherwise geography is not a factor given communication capabilities these days.


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