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   Readers are encouraged to visit the Companion site (click on the alfa1900 link above in the blue band) to view news and pictures concerning 1900s and related matters of interest to their owners (and visitors) .Why not let us have your input from time to time on such matters which we suggest you keep mainly 1900-ish related.  The companion site also features the debut of an interesting article on the Disco Volante by the late Renan Uflacker, Charleston SC (T-4 *10166 ) and also more recently on one in particular and lesser known version the Fianchi Stretti. Enjoy.

1956 1900SSZ  

 Nino Manzon's 1957 CSS Touring






T-IV 10316 of Nino Manzoni from
Brembate Sopra, Lombardia


Alfa' stunning project - the 6C3000CM
The Boano version for President Peron of the ex Fangio LM Colli coupe, subsequently owned by Henry Wessells, subsequently converted back into a Colli coupe, subsequently owned by Larry Auriana, is currently actively campaigned in vintage racing. This engine bay shot is actually that in the PF version but is virtually identical

        Robbie Webb's CSS *01713 * Touring # 4129 

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  A recent auction highlights the need to be vigilant about possibly-fake Zagatos. This article, on the Tech tab, may help sort things out.
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ALFA 1900

   A list of most 1900 paint codes, in Italian and English, is now available to Members on the Tech page. It is a PDF file.
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   A PDF document containing a factory manual on selecting and tuning Solex carbs, which we stumbled across, can be accessed from the Tech tab on the menu bar. 
Interestingly, it was published by Stanley "Wacky" Arnolt.
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